Wood product standards

The current code system also covers wood products, such as lumber, panels and engineered wood products. It ensures timber structures meet rigorous standards and inspection requirements. Some are under revision and soon to be published. The more significant ones are mentioned below.

GB/T 26899-2011 Structural Glued Laminated Timber

This is the first manufacturing code for glulam. It sets the legal framework for some Chinese domestic species to be used in engineered wood products as well as for foreign glulam products to be used in building construction in China.

Wood Preservatives LY/T 1635-2005

Use Category and Specification for Preservative

Treated Wood LY/T 1636-2005

Preservative Treated Wood GB/T 22102-2008

These standards address chemical preservatives and wood products treated with those preservatives to ensure durability when wood is exposed to exterior moisture conditions.
They set out requirements for the active ingredients of wood preservatives and chemicals used to prevent mould and stain. They describe service conditions, bio-deterioration agents and applications for each use category. They set minimum requirements for preservative penetration and retention.
Besides, there is a set of codes under development and revision, which specify technical requirements on the processing and quality inspection of wood products, including

Machine Stress-Rated Sawn Timber GB/T XXXX-2009

Machine stress-rated sawn timber is widely used for timber structure components. It is a non-destructive means of establishing sawn timber’s mechanical strength.
Completion is expected imminently at the time of writing. This code will provide a technical framework for the production of stress-rated sawn timber, unifying the technical requirements and testing methods, and helping ensure production quality.

Standard Methods for Development of Characteristic Mechanical

Values for Structural Lumber GB/T XXXX-2009

Final completion of the code is expected imminently. This will be the first to establish the standard procedures for the development of characteristic values of mechanical properties for Chinese domestic and imported timber species. It will provide conversion methods for typical values based on other standards and codes.


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