The project designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop is set in a wonderful position at the outermost point where the city of Oslo stretches into the Fjord; a “shelter” built with glulam for art over three buildings integrated in the landscape, the natural destination of the promenade from the City Hall along the harbor front. The exterior part of the Museum, - the park, is an organic play of canals, bridges and piazzas and grazed areas, where sculptures from the Selvaag collection are displayed.


Boekenberg Bibliotheek (Book Mountain Library) in Spijkenisse designed by MVRDV has been framed in a wooden-glass envelope. The impressive pyramid roof with an area of 9300 sqm is inspired by traditional Dutch farmhouses. In contrary to its brick and concrete surrounding it is a transparent wood and glass building made out of 116 FSC fir beams with 4 angle rafters, ridge poles and trimming joists round the free standing elevator.

School of Architecture in Umeå 2

The new School of Architecture in Umeå, with its austere elegance and rustic resilience, is quintessentially Nordic. The building has a cubic expression with its larch facades and square windows placed in a vibrant, rhythmic sequence on all sides. The interior space is designed as a dynamic sequence of stairs, split, open floor levels and skylights.

Universeum 1

The building with the external landscape resulted from an architects' competition for a scientific centre of exhibitions about man, the aquacycle, rain forests etc. ecological aspects were to be emphasised.

Arenastaden 2

In Arenastaden - "Arena Town" - in Växjö, the municipality, sports associations and construction companies are developing a new centre for sports and events. A number of these arenas have grandstands, roof structures and other load-bearing elements made of timber.

Hus  N at Linnaeus University 2

January 2011 saw the opening of municipal development company Videum's Building N at Linnaeus University, Växjö. The building is home to the School of Social Work, the university's IT department, server room, archive and lecture halls, the largest of which can accommodate 350 people. The upper floor is home to 175 offices.

Södra Climate Arena 1

The modern wooden town in Växjö, involves the tennis center constructed by Sodra near their head office in Skogsudden.

Mossbourne Community Academy 1

Developed as part of the new government initiative for City Academies, Mossbourne is a secondary school concentrating on Information and Computer Technology and a textbook example of low-energy design.

William Perkin School 1

The William Perkin School, a £19m new build in west London, will stand as a showcase for cross-laminated timber (CLT), not only because it is the largest CLT building project so far in the UK, but also because, despite the perils of hundreds of teenagers charging about the building, as much of the interior timber panels as possible will be in view.

The Maritime Youth house 2

The Maritime Youth house near Sundby harbor on the island of Amager has been constructed by the municipality of Copenhagen as part of a renewal plan in the area.

Overview of Xiangji Temple, Hangzhou, China

Xiangji Temple, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in east China, is the first religious building with modern timber structure in China. Glue laminated beams and pillars form a spacious room without interruption for Daxiongbaodian, the main building of the temple, which meet the religious functions and improve the space character of Chinese traditional wood buildings.

Overview of Kaiyuan Temple

Kaiyuan Temple is one of the most successful projects in China which is the combination of Chinese traditional timber structure and modern timber technology. The main structure of the temple consists of glue laminated timber beams and pillars, forming the elaborately designed frame of such a Chinese traditional wood building.

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