European Chamber in China Wood Position Paper 2013/2014

The EUCCC (European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) published the Position Paper 2013/2014 for European Business in China on 12th September, 2013. With European Wood's contribution, the Wood Position Paper 2013/2014 is included as an independent chapter.

In the Wood Position Paper 2013/2014, the Wood Working Group established efforts to promote the introduction of using timber structures in China. To enhance international cooperation, the Working Group works closely with European Wood. Topics recently discussed include technology transfer and knowledge-sharing with relevant central Chinese ministries and appointed expert bodies such as official national standardisation committees. The aim is to eliminate or relax technical barriers and to support development of building codes and standards so that wood can be used more efficiently in building and constructions in China with a focus on modern wood solutions, such as glulam, cross laminated timber and other engineered wood.

In the Wood Position Paper 2013/2014, recent developments of wood in China are summarised and three key recommendations are proposed by the Wood Working Group for further development:

1. Increase the Use of Timber as a Structural Component by Identifying Wood as a Basic Green Building Material

2. Improve the Regulatory System to Encourage the Use of Wood in Construction

3. Encourage and Enforce the Use of Wood from Sustainable Forests

The EUCCC is currently developing a lobby strategy with European Wood, and plans to meet with the following Chinese Ministries: the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC); the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development (MOHURD); the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), and the Ministry of Forestry (MOF). 

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