Stadthaus in UK

The Stadthaus is the tallest habitable timber building in the world. The unusual feature is the cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels used as load-bearing walls and floor "slabs". There are no beams or columns anywhere and the structure is amenable to openings being created in walls with relative ease. The building is insulated and airtight beyond UK requirements with the mechanical ventilation and a heat recovery system.

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Tjuvholmen icon complex

The project designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop is set in a wonderful position at the outermost point where the city of Oslo stretches into the Fjord; a “shelter” built with glulam for art over three buildings integrated in the landscape, the natural destination of the promenade from the City Hall along the harbor front. 

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Boekenberg Bibliotheek

Boekenberg Bibliotheek (Book Mountain Library) in Spijkenisse designed by MVRDV has been framed in a wooden-glass envelope. The impressive pyramid roof with an area of 9300 sqm is inspired by traditional Dutch farmhouses. In contrary to its brick and concrete surrounding it is a transparent wood and glass building made out of 116 FSC fir beams with 4 angle rafters, ridge poles and trimming joists round the free standing elevator.

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Strandparken in Sweden

At eight storeys and 25m to the ridge of its distinctive pitched roof, the shingle-clad, cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam structure will be Sweden's tallest wood building. And this is only phase one. When workers vacate the prestigious plot, it will have three more identical 31-apartment blocks. That will make it one of the biggest residential timber developments worldwide, comprising 28,000m2 of CLT, 180m3 of glulam and 14,000m2 of cedar shingles.

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School of Architecture in Umeå, Sweden

The new School of Architecture in Umeå, with its austere elegance and rustic resilience, is quintessentially Nordic. The building has a cubic expression with its larch facades and square windows placed in a vibrant, rhythmic sequence on all sides. The interior space is designed as a dynamic sequence of stairs, split, open floor levels and skylights.

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Wood Position Paper 2014/2015

EUCCC (European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) published the Position Paper 2014/2015 for European Business in China on September 9, 2014. With European Wood's effort, Wood Position Paper 2014/2015 as an independent chapter is included.

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Welcome to European Wood in China

European Wood is an international promotion organization, established in 2015. Current official state members are Sweden, Finland, Norway and Austria. Industry members are presented by Swedish Wood, Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries, Norwegian Wood Industry Federation and Association of the Austrian Wood Industries. Germany and Romania are observers. European Wood has been engaged in promoting the application of wood products and system in building segment in China. Focus on applications of large span structure, multi-story, high-rise structure, modern engineering wood such as glulam, CLT and LVL, etc. Also involve and provide technical support for Chinese building regulations in timber structures. European Wood has its administrative office in Stockholm of Sweden. One office in Beijing, a cooperation with European Chamber of Commerce, and a Sino-European Wood Center, a joint cooperation with Jiaotong University in Shanghai.


At European Wood’s meeting on Tuesday 29 May, Jörgen Hermansson of Swedish forest company Södra was appointed the new chairman, succeeding Jan Söderlind of the industry organization Swedish Wood. European Wood is a collaborative platform based around the European sawmill industry whose aim is to influence building regulations and standardization, primarily in China and Japan. In addition to Sweden, which is responsible for coordinating the work, the body also includes representatives from the sawmill industry in Norway, Finland and Austria.


Sino-Swedish Wood Day, a conference with an exhibition section, was organised by Swedish Wood in collaboration with the China Furniture Association and the China Timber & Wood Product Distribution Association on December 10th in Shanghai, China.

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