Codes and reference

European Wood has been engaged in the development of codes and regulations for modern timber buildings in China for years. Great efforts were devoted to incorporate European design, construction and material into GB 50005-2003 Code for Design of Timber Structures, GB/T 50708-2012 Technical Code of Glued Laminated Timber Structures, JGJ/T 265-2012 Technical Code Light Wood Trusses, GB/T 50772-2012 Code for Construction of Timber Structures, GB 50206-2002 Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Timber Structures and GB 50016 - 2012 Code of Design on Building Fire Protection and Prevention. With the profession and passion of European Wood and other responsible associates and companies, China is finding the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable way to solve the problems caused by urbanization and development.

"MOHURD established the essential regulatory requirements for wood frame construction with its updated version of GB 50005 in 2003. However, there are many other GB codes and standards that apply to wood buildings. Together, they provide a comprehensive regulatory system to assure that safety and performance objectives are met."

Mr. Long Weiguo, President of South West Design Institute, Chairman of China GB 50005 Code Committee, March 2010

In China, wood buildings are subject to the same regulatoryrequirements as all other types of construction. They address health,safety, fire safety, structural safety, protection of persons and property,durability, environmental protection and the public interest. Chinesebuilding codes are continuously under review, expanding in coverage andevolving to meet China's housing and construction needs.Since the introduction of wood structures into the Chinese code systema decade ago, a comprehensive set of codes and standards has beendeveloped specifically for wood construction and wood products. Anumber of more broadly based national building codes also setminimum requirements for wood construction. Some of the moreimportant codes impacting the design, construction and inspection of wood buildings are described as follows.

Structural glulam roof for indoor tennis centre, Europe
Structural glulam roof for indoor tennis centre, Europe

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