Building with CLT, a leading solid wood panel system

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) provides a leading-edge alternative for multi-storey and high-rise buildings. Although the technology is relatively new and not yet recognized in Chinese codes, it is widely used across Europe, such as in Sweden, Austria, Germany, UK. The tallest built so far is Stadthaus, a nine-storey residential building in London, England. And it is believed that this record will be broke soon, as a sixteen-sorey timber complex is being built in Norway and another stunning plan of a thirty-four-storey timber building is being conceived in Sweden.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) boards (also called mass timber panels sometimes) are glued together and used to build walls, floors and joists. Panels are machined in a factory to fine tolerances by computercontrolled equipment. The panels arrive on site with apertures for doors and windows, and wiring and plumbing channels already prepared. The walls can be insulated to provide a high level of energy-efficiency. Superior load-carrying characteristics, including lateral stability against wind and seismic forces, as well as excellent fire safety performance, make CLT suitable for medium and even high-rise buildings. And the amount of timber used means buildings made with solid wood panels are highly effective carbon stores.

Here is an example of CLT product description from an Austrian factory.

Use Primarily as a wall, ceilling and roof panel in homes and other buildings
Maximum width 2.95m
Maximum length 16.00m
Maximum thickness 400mm
Layer structure Bonded, cross-laminated single-layer panels
Wood species Spruce (middle layers can contain pine; larch and pine as cover layer on request)
Grade of lamellas C24
Moisture content 12±2%
Bonding adhesive Formaldehyde-free adhesives for edge bonding, finger jointing and surface bonding

This environmentally-friendly solid wood panel solution offers longer-term opportunities in China, particularly for high density housing requirements.

9-storey residential building with CLT Stadthaus, London
9-storey residential building with CLT
Stadthaus, London

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