Chemical Treatment

The properties of wood and wood products can be improved by treatment with various chemical preparations. There are methods to affect wood material's durability, hardness, shape, color and moisture absorption.

The methods can be divided into chemical treatment against fungal attack, chemical treatment against insect infestation, fire protection treatment, chemical modification and heat treatment, moisture-repellent treatment and chemical staining.

The processing and finishing technologies for wood often require the use of chemicals in the form of adhesives, paints and coatings, as well as impregnation or pressure treatment to improve wood's (biological) long term durability (fungi and insects/termites) and moisture resistance.

The application of wood preservatives is made under very strict control in closed systems and conforming to the relevant national regulations. Pressure treated timber for construction, agriculture, landscaping, marine, railway and garden products, and many other applications, provides an extended service life and a good alternative to non-renewable materials.

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