Limnologen Precinct

ArkitektBolaget has had the privilege in the past few years of working together with inspiring structural designers and visionary clients on a number of wood development projects. In 2005 the Municipality of Växjö resolved to strengthen the city's profile as a city of wood builders. Accordingly, in its development agreement with Midroc Property Development, it stipulated that the buildings in Limnologen Precinct were to have "elements of wood".

Limnologen Precinct 1

The buildings are constructed entirely of wood - framework, beams and joists, walls and even the lift shafts. The bottom storey, though, is of cast concrete, to provide adequate stability. Limnologen Precinct occupies a beautiful location between Lake Trummen to the east and a busy road to the west. The competition idea was for the buildings to form a screen from the road, while being designed on the other side so as to give all dwelling units a waterfront view.

The largeness of scale is impressive, reminiscent of the constructive frankness of the 70s. What we see in Limnologen Precinct is a further development of that period's multi-family housing estates, transposed, through their use of wood, to a more human scale.

The buildings are narrow slab blocks, with bay windows appended on the south side. In this way each unit has a view of the water. The narrow gables facing the lake impart resilience to the buildings. Having parked one's car or bike, one moves down towards the water. Through entrances on the bottom storey give beautiful daylighting. Inside the apartment, progress in the direction of the water continues. An obliquely positioned wall in the apartment layout further reinforces the experience of nearness to the lake.

Nearly all units have generously proportioned balconies in two directions, so that the view of the lake can be enjoyed in the light of both morning and evening. The balconies along the south fronts have made it possible to give all eight storeys of the buildings wooden cladding. People must be able to see that these are wooden buildings. The balconies limited the spread of fire between storeys and protect the external wood against weather and wind.

The communal building further emphasis the lakeside location, with the floor of the banqueting room continuing outdoors in the form of a wooden deck/jetty cantilevered a couple of metres out over the water. Why build an eight-storey block with wood? One explanation, along with all the others, is the sensation one experiences on entering the finished buildings - the ambience of wood. The fragrance, the silence, the air, the holistic experience.

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Fact sheet
Client Midroc Property Development
Architects ArkitektBolaget
Structural engineers Martinsons byggsystem
Building size 15,366 m2
Construction system CLT, concrete (ground floor)
Construction time 1 year
Budget MSEK 327
Year of completion 2009
Location Välle Broar, Växjö, Sweden
Limnologen Precinct 2
Limnologen Precinct 3
Limnologen Precinct 4

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