The project "Treehouses Bebelallee" in Hamburg (Germany) is a housing complex, which was built originally in 1959. The aim of the modernization in the year 2006 was an increase of living space and a bisection of the carbon dioxide emissions. Implemented was the project by additional wooden stories.

Treehouses 2

Within the modernization 47 new family-friendly apartments were created. The fronts of the original buildings were thermally insulated and received the typical local brick-veneers, while the new stories were mainly built with engineered timber components. Cedar shingles decorate the fronts of the upper stories.

Within the modernization of the spacious 1950's housing complex a new urban atmosphere was created in Hamburg Alsterdorf. Considering the large number of housing complexes from the past-war era in need of renovation, the "Treehouses Bebelallee" could be seen as a lighthouse project for wood as a modern and sustainable building material and a low carbon impact solution.

Treehouses 4

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Fact sheet
Client Robert Vogel GmbH Co.
Architects Blauraum Architekten
Structural engineers Ingenieurbüros Dr. Binnewies; Ridder & Prigge GmbH
Main Contractors Kreitz, Kopf und Partner
Building size 18.400 
Construction time 2 years and 5 months
Budget 19,2 Mio.
Year of completion 2010
Location Hamburg, Germany
Treehouses 1
Treehouses 3
Treehouses 5
Treehouses 6

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